The Incident

2001, cd, no label

The final Reality Scare cd. After the incident, things were never the same. Nine songs that will touch your life in so many, many ways. Everything will be clear to you if you Listen.


1. Floodwatch
2. Listen
3. Slides of the King
4. These Three Things
5. Alone in Your Head
6. Pyjamas
7. Starchamber
8. Jolene
9. Waiting for Mr. Bloomfeld

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The Feather e.p.

1998, cd, no label

"Skokie's Reality Scare have lingered on the fringes of the local dark-ambient scene for years, fronted by a revolving cast of usually female media poets and hgh-tech performers. Their current diva, Mary Chase, is the best yet; on the band's recent The Feather e.p. (which includes a promising cover of the Legendary Pink Dots' "Sleeso"), she sounds like a meaner, leaner Lisa Gerrard or a more soulful Siouxsie ..." --Monica Kendrick, Chicago Reader

1. Annie
2. Eleanor
3. Tell Me Tell Me
4. Lion Hunt
5. The Moment
6. Sleeso

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Easy Art Relic

1996, 7" single, Mind Pudding Records

Two songs, Side A and Side 1, featuring Calliope Sol.

A. Courage
1. Nothing Personal

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Incorporated (Lydia Tomkiw)

1995, cd, Widely Distributed Records

Reality Scare co-wrote and recorded three songs with former Algebra Suicide member Lydia Tomkiw, which appear on this collection of her collaborations.

1. From the Place Everyone Avoided
2. Iris
3. Thief

A Game of Damage

1993, cd, 74 minutes, Cold Gray Matter Records

"This spunky quintet is equally adept at sprawling, pounding soundscapes or moody, Joy Division-like gothic psychedelia . . ."-i/e Magazine

"Reality Scare heads toward deeply layered, synth-drenched soundscapes and varied noisecraft on its CD A Game of Damage. . . . Many tracks thrive on unexpected sonic interjections, and overall the band has its spooky noises, twirling hooks, and studio tricks down cold."-Illinois Entertainer

"Kinda trippy . . . kool . . ."-Industrial Nation

1. Sweep
2. Lolobji
3. Paradise That Preserves
4. A Game of Damage
5. Salamander
6. Thought & Action
7. Donna
8. Potna II
9. The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth
10. Nightfall
11. <the sound>
12. Paradise (Handcrafted Mix)

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The Aural Cave

1992, cassette, 65 minutes, Grey Boot Productions

Unpredictable and spacey improvisation recorded live on WZRD, 88.3 FM.

1. The Aural Cave pt. 1
2. The Aural Cave pt. 2

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Electric Blanket Statement

1991, cassette, 45 minutes, Grey Boot Productions

"Cold, massive and mysterious, Reality Scare glides like some alien Oldsmobile through the deep space between your ears."-Alternative Press

"These cats explore many stylistic avenues in a dense, heavily layered wall of harmonic sound whilst still retaining cohesion. Danceable, atmospheric, funky, positive, highly digestible . . ." -Freefest Monthly

1. Karma
2. Potna
3. Oldsmobile
4. The Wild Shore
5. Denture Pie (Bonus track)
6. Megamouth
7. Thought & Action
8. Cantcha Just Buy It?
9. The Scene (Bonus track)
10. (Hair)^x (Bonus track)
11. Mad At You

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